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CheckUp Check Authorization Network is made up of a group of check recovery offices scattered across the USA. These offices share their data on returned check writers, creating a large, shared database of returned checks. Our database benefits you in several ways:

  • Prevents check losses before they happen.
  • Fast, easy access via most credit card terminals. Some of those include terminals from Verifone, Hypercom, Desault, and others.
  • Simple and straightforward to operate.
  • Uses Drivers License, Routing Transit and Account, SS#, or Telephone Number as ID for verifying.
  • Maintains a log of all activity with reports available to monitor responses and level of use by location

For more information contact:

Systems Techniques & Programming, Inc.
P.O. Box 6573
Abilene, Texas 79608
(325)695-6501 Fax